'ask cody' info box

user-driven creative academy // 2012 // aalborg university // aalborg, dk

User-driven design, Co-creation, Information design

User-Driven Creative Academy is a trans-disciplinary workshop, where students collaborate with businesses to co-create meaningful design solutions.

Working with the CEO of Ask Cody, a company specializing in indoor way finding, the goal is to improve their offered user experience. Initial research showed that even though there is a high demand for the indoor wayfinding services Ask Cody provides at University College Nordjylland (UCN), the use of the service very infrequent.

Observations and interviews with stakeholders furthermore suggest that receptionists and other employees in charge of updating and promoting the service have a very poor sense of ownership over the system.

To solve these issues, an information design solution consisting of two info boxes is proposed; one for UCN students, and another one targeted at the employees responsible for system maintenance. The design proposal is well-received by the company, and Ask Cody implements the information box set within a few months of the workshop completion.