While smartphones support the form of #augmentedreality that relies on on-screen reproduction of camera-captured images, this technology is still limited by the 4-5 inches of a phone display. Thus, in order to reek the full benefits of AR, a different device is needed. With gadgets in the head-worn category battling (not too successfully) for social acceptance, LOUP explores the concept of an augmenting device that is neither phone nor glasses.

Loup Background-02.png

Designed for discovery

The magnifying glass is iconic - from Sherlock Holmes to Google, it brings immediate connotations of searching, discovering, inspecting, (online) filtering, and, of course, magnifying. And what could be more appropriate for a device designed for uncovering layers of information in augmented reality? The handle is also convenient for stabilizing a see-through screen without obstructing the view.