'on time'

 2015 // areaware x pratt // pratt institute // brooklyn, ny

Product Design

Time is a complex topic and capturing the essence of time in an physical object seems almost paradoxial, which is probably one of the reasons it was the theme of the 2015 Areaware x Pratt design collaboration.

The result is a suite of objects that reflect on the concept of time in different ways. The perpetual ‘COLORd’ calendar with a slowly changing color gradient reminds you of the subtle passing of time, and lets you pull out important dates, creating a visual reminder, while the ‘TÆL’ time abacus let’s you count the passing of days, weeks, and months. The decoder calendar gives you the ability to ‘DECODR’ the week day of any date, any year.

COLORd was on display during ICFF 2015, NYC x Design in Industry City, Brooklyn.