'SHOOOP' Global Collaboration tool

 2015 // Keio University, Keio Media Design + Global Innovation Design // Tokyo

Collaborating globally to improve global collaboration.

Collaborating on a global scale comes with as many benefits as it does challenges; the diversity of mindsets, cultural backgrounds, skills, and viewpoints adds valuable insights and range to the creative process, and comes with the opportunity to address global issues that cannot be solved locally - but at the same time, managing time zones and creating a sense of unity within a team is extremely difficult. The designer’s need for creative brainstorming and sketch ideation sessions adds yet another layer of complexity, when applied across continents.

SHOOOP is a concept vision of how to meet these challenges. Developed by a global team with members simultaneously located in Tokyo, London, and New York, the issues are experienced first hand throughout the process, providing a unique opportunity to address them while they occur.

When SHOOOP is in use, it becomes the central hub for collaboration. Each team will have one hub on location, where it monitors local time and scheduled meeting times for participating teams. It’s projection technology allows for live sketching sessions with global participation, creating the experience of working in one place together.