Snack Society

 2015 // Keio Media design, Global innovation design // Tokyo, jp

“How can we improve the mental and physical health of the elderly through the medium of food?”

Food is arguably the most impactful single factor in determining our overall well-being. As we get older, meeting nutritional needs becomes increasingly important, but also increasingly difficult. Our nutrient demand remains unchanged, but our overall calorie need decreases, creating a need for nutrient dense food options that make every calorie count. 

’Snack Society’ takes a holistic approach to securing a healthy lifestyle for the elderly, as well as everyone else. The snack is the ideal format, as healthy snacking comes with the benefits of stable blood sugar and a balanced overall calorie intake; it also brings the freedom of on-the-go consumption, inspiring an active lifestyle.

There are endless snacks on the market already, but few manage to meet age-induced challenges related to food consumption, especially in terms of easy-to-open packaging and easy-to-chew textures. ‘Snack Society’ provides all of this, and more. Inspired by Japanese aesthetics in food and packaging, four snack recipes, a snack case, and a store concept are developed. All embody the philosophy that preventative healthcare is much preferable to treatment, and that the best way to ensure overall well-being and health is through nutritious eating combined with an active lifestyle.