Unicef school tent

2011 // Aalborg University // Aalborg, dk

Product design, Social design

Setting the frame for daily schooling of children in emergency areas - a social design collaboration with UNICEF. 

Compact, cost efficient solutions are characteristic for emergency aid, but for structures intended for a longer term use, parameters such as durability and aesthetics come into play. The UNICEF school tent is designed to provide a sanctuary for school children in emergency areas, with a compact design that re-uses components for transportation in the final setup.

The tent is packaged in 8 boxes where the lids serve as school benches. Furthermore, a blackboard that can be mounted in centrally in the tent is part of the package. The open space allows for many different classroom configurations. Light studies are conducted to create the desired atmosphere, while role-play and full size mock-ups help determine the final layout of the space inside the tent.