WIPE IT 01.jpg

'Wipe it' home cleaning

2013 // aalborg university // aalborg, dk

Product design, Integrated design

Compact, complete and uncomplicated; WIPE IT is an all-in-one home cleaning solution based on three different types of disposable wipes. Targeted at young, moving-away-from-home-for-the-first-time users, minimal cost, optimized storage and ease of use became essential design parameters, and are addressed through a modular, non-electronic mix-and-match solution.

Initial user research showed that the storage space for cleaning equipment is often one of the messiest spots inside the home; WIPE IT challenges this paradox by providing a complete, easy-to-store home cleaning kit, where all parts fit together neatly. Users also pointed out that while most of them didn’t particularly look forward to cleaning their homes, the pre-cleaning preparation and post-cleaning clean-up were the least favored activities in the process. The disposable wipes are ready-to-use, and also eliminate post-cleaning clean up, such as emptying the vacuum dust bag, making WIPE IT fast and uncomplicated, thus appealing the the young, busy, and unexperienced home cleaner.

Body storming with existing cleaning products and role play, as well as prototyping with LEGO, cardboard, and any other accessible props, sparked the generation of new ideas, and allowed for immediate testing, making the design process efficient and intuitive. At the time, there were no disposable wipe-based home cleaning solutions available on the Danish market, so ensuring that the solution would perform on a competitive level in terms of cleanliness and sustainability became essential parameters to prove the feasibility of the product. The tests showed convincing results, and the WIPE IT concept was developed to its final stage.